Monday, November 06, 2006


Martin, please dont quote this anymore on plausibility of bombs with liquid explosivs. I know a guy who *finished* his Ph.D. in chemistry and works in the military devision developing detectors for explosivs (while the author of that pice of fiction just *starts* studing chemistry). The guy i know told me pretty much the opposite of what the article says and sounds much more convincing and knowledgable. Of course, dont take my word for it but educate yourself.

That said, I dont know why people worry about liquid explosives so much as long as you are allowed to bring notebooks (and notbook batteries) into the plane. Those can be abused much easier, I hear.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

scandinavia's radar map for gnome weather applet

Here is how to download the scandinavian radar map for rain and snow from the swedish meterologic institute and put it into your gnome weather applet:

put this into your $HOME/bin

codeblob=$(wget "" --output-document=-)

url=$(echo $codeblob | sed -e "s/.*\(https[^\']*\).*/\1/")

wget $url --output-document=/tmp/smhi-radar.png

and this into your user's crontab:

30 */2 * * * $HOME/bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1

and this into your gnome weather applet's radar url:


Here you see the area covered:

First Word: "More!"

My daughter (13 month old) has started forming her first words. Of course there is the usual "Da!" which is also a german word ("There!") but she does not use it consistently and in a meaningfull way. The first word she DOES use consistently and in the context of food, and in only that context, is "More!" (or "Mehr!" in german). Usually she points on the table in front of her where she expects the food to show up, now!

I have no idea from where/whom she got that attitude.