Monday, November 06, 2006


Martin, please dont quote this anymore on plausibility of bombs with liquid explosivs. I know a guy who *finished* his Ph.D. in chemistry and works in the military devision developing detectors for explosivs (while the author of that pice of fiction just *starts* studing chemistry). The guy i know told me pretty much the opposite of what the article says and sounds much more convincing and knowledgable. Of course, dont take my word for it but educate yourself.

That said, I dont know why people worry about liquid explosives so much as long as you are allowed to bring notebooks (and notbook batteries) into the plane. Those can be abused much easier, I hear.


At 9:31 PM, Blogger Justin said...

Indeed, it wouldn't be hard to smuggle explosive compounds into a laptop, and I'm not sure it would be detectable. Moreover, there's many worse problems with air traffic security. Navigation radios are extremely brittle; a cell phone is enough to cause disturbances. With an appropriately engineered device it would be possible to bring onboard a device that plugs into usb that misleads the plane's navigation system into, say, a densely populated area at dangerously low altitudes. One would hope that the pilots would notice the problem and avoid any collisions with stationary objects, but I've heard one too many stories of navigation error leading into mountainsides.


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