Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Lazyweb: Datacenter in the US?

I look for a data center in the US for some servers with ~40kW cooling power. I plan to use those nice energy efficient double sided racks from SGI (formerly Rackable), so the place should allow that i bring my own racks. I don't need super-low latency to Europe, but rather to the USA and Canada. And it needs to be highly reliable, preferably tier 3 or better!

However, what is most important to me (living in Europe) is that the remote hands actually have a clue. At one place in London i got really lucky: They are able to patch up new servers, can install spare parts and mail broken stuff back to IBM, know about tcp/ip, link lights, switches and routers, debug bad hardware (where LOM is not good enough) and are generally really friendly and quick. As icing on the cake they can even spell debian! Good pricing would be nice, too, but less important then the clueful people.

Should you know such a place, please mail me!