Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dear Lazyweb: Gnome Power Management hooks for suspend

I am trying to figure out how to hook in a homegrown script into the gnome power management. I read the source to gnome-power-manager and it seems to make dbus calls to accomplish what it wants. This is where I get lost as i dont know the first thing about dbus. So: where can I add scripts for suspend or hibernate actions?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

GTD software, Work meetings

Since I am on "maternity leave" now and basicly run the household and try to keep the children entertained, my time to get things done is randomly fragmented and I want to plan the things better that I have on the plate. Liw's blog post reminded me of GTD and today I was looking for planning tools. On Wikipedia's GTD page they mention two: A Firefox plugin to use with gmail (and therefor everywhere where I would have internet) and ThinkingRock, a java app which aparently would fit on a USB key. Of course i wonder which one might be better? The ThinkingRock one seems to be a heavy weight GTD tool. Does that spoil GTD's light weight character? I watched the demos and it seems to be pretty feature complete. I would like to hear from people who use GTD and am interested in their oppinions. Thanks!

Debian Work Meetings - Extremadura evaluation
8 people already managed to send in their evaluations or feedback mails to me regarding the Extremadura work meetings. That is surprisingly few, given the fact that we had 6 meetings with an average of 20 people. And so far I got only one reply from someone who could not attend eventhough she was very interested, explaining why (different continent, too far, too expensive) etc. I had expected more replies in that category, given that we had mostly europeans coming to Extremadura and I had intended to spread out future meetings over the globe more evenly. So I ask both those that attended and did not manage to send in some evaluation and also those that would have liked to come and could not to mail me!

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