Sunday, June 24, 2007

Best DebConf ever

This was my first DebConf since DebConf2 in Toronto that I was not involved in as an organizer. And it was great. I enjoyed tremendously to meet and talk with people, have coffee and dinner with friends and not be in a hurry. No meetings, no awkward problems to deal with, not my problem if something did not work. It was great. I will have fond memories of the small french restaurant and the good conversations and great food. I enjoyed the new things i learned in the talks and when playing with the new FAI and debian-live and even more the helpfullness of people when approaching them with questions. One highlight of DebConf was the day trip, when we rented bikes and circled the island where the weather was surprisingly good and nature was fresh and immediate.
To me it seems as if Debian picked up speed and direction. Sams "Sexy Debian" seems to catch on. I hope that people understand that it takes more then excellent technology to do that but also good looks and even talking and writing about Debian in a new way that does not come naturally to typical Debian Developers. We have to integrate both artists and evangelists into our community to do that. I hope Debian has the openness to listen to these people when they come and want to change things they know more about then we do currently.
I want to thank the DebConf organizers for their work and effort they put into the preparation and implementation of this conference and congratulate them to a successful event.